An annuity is a secure, regular income which you purchase from an insurance company, generally to provide you with an income in retirement. The annuity would be purchased with the funds that have been saved up perhaps in a personal pension plan.

There is also something called an 'impaired annuity', which has the potential to pay an increased level of income due to your lifestyle i.e. you are a smoker, or of you have health issues such as high blood pressure, as there may be a shorter life expectancy. A questionnaire would be completed which enables you to expand on the health issues that affect you. Contact us and we can point you in the right direction or visit

An annuity can also be used to fund the fees for care of an elderly relative if, for example, they went to live in a Care Home. In an instance like this, the annuity would be purchased either with savings or through the sale proceeds of a property.

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