Income Protection

If you are off work, how long will your employer continue to pay you? How much will they pay you? How long could you manage without a full wage coming in?

You might get paid for 6 months on full pay, followed by 6 months half pay. It may be longer than that, but conversely you may not get anything other than statutory sick pay. You may be entitled to other benefits, you might not get any state support.

Did you know that Support for Mortgage Interest has a 13 week qualifying period?

In an ideal world we would all be able to save enough money to cater for times when we are unable to work. The reality, though, is the majority of us won't and even if we did, the funds we have saved would invariably run out much quicker than we had anticipated.

Income Protection, the replacement of a proportion of your income when you are unable to work through sickness, may be the answer. There are different levels of cover based around your occupation and the cost will vary according to how long you defer claiming for, and how much you are covered for, amongst other things.

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