Investment Bonds

Investment Bonds are essentially a collective investment where your money is placed in a big pot and the total then invested into different funds. They come in a variety of formats, whether that is unitised, unit linked or with-profits, and can be both onshore, so provided by a company based in this country or offshore, where the company is not subject to the same tax regime. This may be somewhere like the Isle of Man, Dublin or Jersey for example.

An investment bond is not right for everybody, and it is absolutely key to understand the current position of the individual, including their tax position, needs and objectives now and for the future, and attitude to risk. It is also important to see how an investment of this nature will sit within their overall portfolio.

We would, of course, be more than happy to discuss this with you, but naturally will need to to know much more about you and your personal circumstances before deciding whether this is the right investment vehicle for you.

Call us, no obligation, we would be please to discuss what can be done.


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