Key Person Insurance

Every business has someone in it that specialises in a particular aspect, and it is undoubtedly the case that some are more important to the ongoing success than others.

Loyalty to a business is unfortunately something that seems to be of days gone by to a large degree, and to some extent people are driven by the salary they can earn. As an employer you will naturally do all you can to engender loyalty, and where you manage that, the loss of that key individual is all the more unfortunate.

Key people, those that the loss of would impact seriously on the business in terms of efficiency, income streams and financial management, day to day management, and planning, need to be replaced as soon as possible. Even if that is sooner rather than later, the financial impact on the business can still be felt months down the line.

Assessing the value of a key person, and the cost of their loss is something that should be considered very carefully and implemented sooner rather than later.

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