Commercial Property Finance

Obtaining Commercial Property Finance can be time consuming and expensive, irrespective of whether it is for your own occupation or to enable you to diversify your investment portfolio. Lenders are nowhere near as extensive and commercial property finance is consequently harder to get than for residential property.

Add to that the difficulty of getting your bank to lend for Commercal Property Finance, and it soon becomes clear why access to a broker who has a large network of lenders to suit most types of request, can be an invaluable tool.

Our experience of finance, particularly Commercial Property Finance, and pulling together the information that lenders require to make fast decisions, can be invaluable in helping secure the property that you have identified, in Norwich, Norfolk or elsewhere in the country. We can deal with the whole process of obtaining the finance, so get in touch and let us make a difference for you.

Self Build

Identified the piece of land that you want but are having difficulty with your bank? Need the finance to build the house you've always wanted? Let us do the leg work for you and get the Commercial Property Finance that starts to build the foundations for your property or development.

Commercial Property Purchase

Get someone to help you with the complexities of the Commercial Property Finance market and deal with the lenders for you. Go to our CONTACT page, let us have your details and we will be touch fast.