Dealing with Inheritance Tax

Dealing with Inheritance Tax is probably a subject that most of us will not have to face until someone we love dies.

You've probably paid tax on your income whilst working and possibly in retirement, tax when you bought your house, tax when you shop, tax to drive your car and possibly tax on your investments.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that you may have worked hard to build up your assets over many years and paid the tax as required, Dealing with Inheritance Tax early is not something that many people consider, or are aware they may be liable for and it is almost certain that HMRC will still want to try and tax you even when you die.

Dealing with Inheritance Tax and keeping as much of your wealth out of the tax mans grasp can be time-consuming and detailed to make sure it is right. Below we have detailed some of the potential solutions dependent on your individual circumstances as well as a link to the HMRC site.

We would, of course, be more than happy to sit down and discuss your position and the options open to you, whether you are in Norwich, Norfolk, or elsewhere in the country.

AIMS Shares

A different choice for different ways of Dealing with Inheritance Tax and keeping assets out of the hands of the tax man

Whole of Life

Perhaps the traditional way of Dealing with Inheritance Tax but how much of your assets will the taxman take when you die? Speak to us!


Make sure your assets go to the people you want them to by Dealing with Inheritance Tax liabilities early


Taking care of the assets you have, and by Dealing with Inheritance Tax, make sure that the people who should benefit can do