Keeping Your Assets

Keeping Your Assets that you have worked hard to acquire is something that perhaps we all take for granted and don't see changing unless we decide they have become surplus to requirements of just not wanted any more.

It is very much the case that Heirlooms are not in this category, and as we grow older the greater the desire to ensure that assets we have are passed on down to the next generation

If only it were always a simple case of passing things on to your next of kin. Unfortunately, Keeping Your Assets to enable that to happen is not always straightforward. Illness and infirmity as well as not safeguarding the assets by doing something as simple as making a will can put the proverbial 'spanner in the works'.

Keeping Your Assets for future generations can potentially be achieved by implementing some or a combination of some of the ideas below

Immediate Needs

The fact that your parent has to go into Care does not mean that all of the assets they have built up must go to pay for their care. Click above to find out more


Who should benefit from your assets?


Make sure that those you want to benefit on your death do!

Whole of Life

So how long will probate take to be granted? Well that depends on when the inheritance tax bill is settled, should there be one. This may speed things up. Click to find out more.

What if I Die

Have you properly protected the important things in your life?