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State Benefits
What Could You Be Entitled To
Are you aware of what state benefits are available and when?

There are a number of benefits that you may be entitled to, and these can change fairly regularly. Visiting the government site will give you information that can help you begin to establish whether you have any entitlement, what payments could be available and how much they could be. This may range from the new Personal Independence Payment to the Carers Allowance and Bereavement benefits. If you need help CONTACT us or visit

How Much Tax Will You Pay
New Job/Salary Increase?
How much will your change in circumstance affect your income
Tax Calculator

It is fair to say that the majority of people will not know how much tax and national insurance they will have to pay when their income changes. We can all have a good guess at it, but that will almost inevitably be by taking, say, 25-30% of the gross increase in income, subtracting that from the increase and then dividing the result by 12, 13 or 52 dependent on the frequency with which we get paid.  Rather than a best guess, give yourself the opportunity to budget far more accurately by visiting or CONTACT us