Losing Someone Key

Losing Someone Key in a business can have distastrous consequences.

If your financial guru or most successful sales manager were absent from your business, what would that mean? Would Losing Someone Key to your business affect just your bottom line? Or would it affect other people in your workforce? It doesn't have to be a large business, or could it be that Losing Someone Key is the loss of your business partner. How would that affect you?

It doesn't have to mean the death of someone!

How will the family of the person concerned cope? Is Losing Someone Key to them your responsibility? Well that depends to some degree on how much you value them, and your own personal views.

Below we have identified options that may help you to protect your business, your future and/or their families future.

Key Person Insurance

Losing Someone Key to your business, who is your expert, need not be such a major issue. Click above to find out more

Directors/Partnership Share Purchase

Give yourself the opportunity to keep your business when Losing Someone Key. Click above to find out more

Decreasing Term Assurance

Cover to protect you if Losing Someone Key will adversely impact on you

Level Term Assurance

Cover that can maintain its value when Losing Someone Key

Critical Illness

If they don't die, but can't work, what effect will Losing Someone Key have on you and/or your business


Taking care of the assets you have, and making sure that the people who should benefit can do


Make sure your assets go to the people you want them to