Investment & Retirement Planning

Couple on Beach 30.01.15Investment & Retirement Planning can be complex and difficult to understand. The options are many and varied and the choice of funds that are open to choose from can be quite bewildering for many ordinary people. Guidance on when and where to invest can be equally complex, dependent on individual circumstances.

Everyone has their own view on the level of risk they are prepared to take when undertaking Investment & Retirement Planning, and one of the key aspects of our job is to identify what this looks like in your eyes. It is only when you have an understanding of this, that an assessment can begin to be undertaken as to where your money could be invested.

That said, it will also very much depend on each individuals and couples aims and objectives with their Investment & Retirement Planning, their tax position from an income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax point of view, whether they require any income from their capital immediately or at some time in the future, or if just want to see it grow. It also depends on family circumstances and how that could be perceived to change in the future.

All this ignores the bigger picture of the economy, both as a country and from a global perspective, which has the power to impact on our savings and where it is best to invest at any given time. Obviously none of us have the benefit of foresight, and it is our role to advise you of the most suitable option for you at the time you seek advice.

Within this site, you will find many of the different Investment & Retirement Planning  options that are available, we would be pleased to discuss these with you, and following the completion of a full fact find to establish your individual position, needs, aims, objectives and attitude to risk, provide guidance and where appropriate recommendations on what would be suitable for you.

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'The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and past performance is not a guide to future performance'.