Personal & Business Protection

Young couple with children meeting with  Insurance Agent.
Two things in life are certain, tax and death. But should the focus be on death or the protection of the things and people most important to us. Naturally the answer is both, but, advances in modern science and the treatment of many illnesses have meant that survival rates have increased significantly.

So does that mean more people should be taking out critical illness or income protection? Why not both as well as life cover?

Well, that depends on an individuals circumstances, such as existing benefits from their employer and the ability to fund such cover, let alone their own personal views on whether the different types of cover are right for them or give value for money. There are many more considerations before coming to any conclusions.

It also depends on whether it is a personal issue or a business issue, so Personal & Business Protection could quite conceivably be under consideration at the same time.

The crucial thing though is to identify what the key priorities are, what is to be achieved by taking out cover and can it be done at an acceptable price.

We can help you identify what level of cover is right for you and guide you towards making the decision about the type of cover that best suits your circumstances at the time. That said, protection, whether it is for an individual or couple, or whether it is to protect the partners or directors of a business should be kept under constant review.

Our treating customer fairly regime, means that we will contact you as a minimum on an annual basis to ensure that the cover you have in place is adequate and fit for purpose. That may well be over the phone, or it may be face to face if that is preferrable, but the essential thing from our point of view is to make sure that as our client, you are confortable with the service that you receive.