Purchasing Investment Property

Buy to Lets

Purchasing Investment Property may take the form of a buy to let. This is becoming more closely monitored and affordability is key. Many lenders now require an income outside of that generated by the investment property to support the proposition, but there are those that don't. Call us for a discussion around how this may work for you

Foreign Mortgages

Purchasing Investment Property by acquiring the property overseas that you have dreamed of is fraught with danger. It needs to be very carefully considered, from many different angles and with many different issues. Laws, rules, regulations and legal requirements will vary from country to country, and taking proper advice when Purchasing an Investment Property abroad cannot be understated.

Holiday Homes

It isn't just a property abroad that people want. There are undoubtedly some lovely areas of this country that people would like to go to for a little rest and relaxation. Purchasing Investment Property is another opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio.