Retirement and Generating Income

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Retirement and Generating Income when we do is not something that many of us think about until we reach middle age, whatever that is supposed to be now. It can be said that as people feel younger for longer and indeed are living longer, middle age is now when someone reaches 50 rather than 40, but that most people will still look at retirement age as being 65 - 68.

Although it may not be something that the young consider relevant as they have other things they want to commit money to, it is invariably the case that you are never too young to start contributing to a pension. Thinking of how Retirement and Generating Income can work for you earlier in life will potentially make your later years more comfortable.

Remember though, that pensions are for all, not just the young and one of the most tax efficient ways to save. If the government are looking to give you money for your future, should you be overlooking it?

Retirement and Generating Income when you do is each individuals responsibility, because you can be pretty sure that, in most cases, the state alone will not provide an income that will enable you to live worry free, let alone enjoy life in the way that you have become accustomed to!

Investment Bonds

Onshore and Offshore, investments to suit the individual circumstances of our clients as appropriate, potentially for Retirement and Generating Income when you do

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)

Tax efficient savings for any time of life, and also for Retirement and Generating Income in later life. What have you done to take advantage of this option? Don't forget that you can save monthly into and ISA, it doesn't have to be a lump sum. Call us to discuss how this can work for you.


An option for Retirement and Generating Income to help make life more comfortable. These are a consideration for all, but under certain circumstances, such as if you are a smoker or you have health issues you may be able to to obtain enhanced rates through an 'impaired annuity'.

Self Invested Personal Pensions

Utilising your assets in Retirement and Generating Income when you do.