Serious Illness

If you became disabled through a Serious Illness, what would that mean to your lifestyle. If you were unable to work through a Serious Illness, how would that affect your income and your way of life.

The illusion that state benefits will take care of us is purely and simply just that in many cases. It may well be that some benefits are available, but contracting of a Serious Illness may mean you have to undertake a significant change in the way you have lead your life

How many of us have made provision for the impact of a Serious Illness such as a stroke, heart attack or Cancer? There are many more of course, and you will never know when these things will occur or if they will

Critical Illness

If Serious Illness changed your lifestyle, how would you cope financiallyif you needed to adapt your living accommodation if you became disabled? Will the state look after you? What would it cost to do so?

Income Protection

So you think your employer would look after you if you are off work long term. What is in your contract? How long will they pay you if you are absent through Serious Illness? 3 months, 6 months or even 12 months............or not at all! Could you survive on Statutory Sick Pay? Could you exist as a family on half pay?

Visit the Government site which has more detail on benefits that are available,