What if I Die

What if I Die is a question that most of us do not willingly face

Our own mortality is something that the majority of people choose to not think about, and it is the case that we are living longer. However, death is one of the few things that is certain, and inevitably brings a lot of heartache and uncertainty when it does.

Traumatic enough anyway, have you considered the impact on those left behind? What if I Die, would happen to my family and the home they live in. What income would they need to survive? How would they pay the mortgage?

Below are some of the ways that cover can be put in place for the eventuality when it inevitably occurs, feel free to click through to find out a bit more. We have also supplied a link to the government website so you can see what benefits are available when someone dies.

Decreasing Term Assurance

One of the cheapest forms of life cover, the amount of cover reduces over the term of the policy.

Mortgage Protection

A form of decreasing term assurance, linked to the outstanding balance on your mortgage

Level Term Assurance

Life cover where the amount cover stays the same for the term of the policy. There are different types of Term Assurance, so speak to us to see which is most appropriate for you

Family Income Benefit

Another form of decreasing term assurance, which will pay out a set amount for each year left of the policy, or which can be taken as a monthly income for the remaining term.

Whole of Life

A form of term assurance that is mainly aimed at covering an inheritance tax liability

Key Person Insurance

A term assurance aimed at providing funds whilst a replacement is found for an important individual

Directors/Partnership Share Purchase

A policy to help towards ensuring that the loss of a business partner or director does not have to mean the loss of control or perhaps the total loss of a business

You may be entitled to some support from the government, so either give us a call on 01603 628686 to discuss your concerns or you could visit www.gov.uk/browse/benefits